I am interested in a rather old program -- first version was written more
than 40 years ago -- in the Algol era!

Its gone through various IBM/CDC machines until it ran on Irix in the 90s
and briefly Windows until .Net 2003. After that its not exactly runnable.

As may be evident the original programmer is elderly and while spunky, not
exactly upto dealing with modern technology.  He has shown interest in
working with some of us who want his codebase modernized.

So far thats not really relevant to git-usage.

The issue that is a bit non-standard from git pov is that there is no clear
starting tarball because some of the stuff is so old. So while we work on
cleaning up and getting compiles through he is scrounging around for
missing files (code and data).  So should I handle this with git tools like
branches, tags etc or just maybe keep a directory called original-stuff and
put things there as they are found/provided?

The other (minor) issue is whether to use bitbucket or github.  I myself
prefer bitbucket but would be interested to know others' findings on pros
and cons.


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