On Monday, April 7, 2014 9:56:35 PM UTC+2, Thomas Green wrote:
> We have a process where small teams of developers work together on a 
> feature and the their work is squashed into a single commit to may upstream 
> management of the "unit" of functionality easier to maintain.
> I was trying to figure out a way to list multiple authors for these 
> squashed commits so each of the developers on the team could have their 
> name in the log for that feature.
> Any suggestions?

I know two approaches:

One is a trick I saw recently for teams with a lot of pair-programming: 
They basically have a script that switches the committer name to be "Lisa 
and Bob (pairing)" before the commit is made. More info 
here: https://github.com/glg/git-pairing

The second, more conventional approach is to use "tags" at the bottom of 
the commit message. Quoting 
https://github.com/gitster/git/blob/master/Documentation/SubmittingPatches :

If you like, you can put extra tags at the end:
> 1. "Reported-by:" is used to credit someone who found the bug that
>    the patch attempts to fix.
> 2. "Acked-by:" says that the person who is more familiar with the area
>    the patch attempts to modify liked the patch.
> 3. "Reviewed-by:", unlike the other tags, can only be offered by the
>    reviewer and means that she is completely satisfied that the patch
>    is ready for application.  It is usually offered only after a
>    detailed review.
> 4. "Tested-by:" is used to indicate that the person applied the patch
>    and found it to have the desired effect.
> You can also create your own tag or use one that's in common usage
> such as "Thanks-to:", "Based-on-patch-by:", or "Mentored-by:".

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