On Sunday, April 13, 2014 1:37:38 PM UTC+2, Jim D wrote:
> Why is this happening everytime I close out Git??

What do you mean close out Git? You mean it appears after every Git command 
you run on the command-line?

If I'd have to guess, it sounds like you've somehow messed up your Git 
installation. Try uninstalling and installing again.


> Windows 7, downloaded on Chrome.
> Kaspersky has it that it has suspicious activity/worm and wants to 
> restart, I declined then added it as an exception to Kaspersky and it is 
> still showing up that with this message.  Kaspersky no longer has the 
> pop-up warning message.
> Note that Kaspersky (and other Anti-virus SW) has a history of not playing 
well with, well, all kinds of non-viral software. For example: 


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