Hi Folks,

I'm new to GIT.

I'm trying to checkout a specific file from GIT using Jenkins, I didn't any 
way how to get a specific file form GIT. 

Could any one tel how to do this by using jenkins or GIT command.

we are accesing git through STASH my repository is like  
<http://g...@stash.xyz.com:7999/repo/test.git> *

*there are 20 folders under test repo, my requirement is checkout a 
specific file/folder from test repo.*

*This is my requirement:*

I have almost 20+ products, So, I would like to keep all my configuration 
and property files which are required to build my project.

Eg: I will create a repository with the name CM under this I will create 
different folders.
      All configuration files of product A is under A folder
      All configuration files of product B is under B folder

Developer will select product name based on that my Jenkins GIT job will 
get those property files only not all under CM repo.

Thanks in Advance.

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