I'm writing a build automation script (with PowerShell) for my project and 
one of its tasks is to write all commit messages since the last publishing 
into a text file so that I can edit the messages into a simplified form for 
the user. (That's a kind of change log file for the user that only goes 
down to the level of releases, not every single commit.)

This is already implemented for Subversion using the SVN command line 
client. That program has a nice option to output the requested log entries 
in XML format which is reasonably easy to parse with PowerShell. 
Unfortunately, Git doesn't have this option. In fact it doesn't even 
support any machine-readable output format for log entries.

I'd like to suggest adding the XML output format to the git log command so 
that this information can be parsed without any uncertainties caused by the 
actual commit message content. I don't care much about the exact XML 
schema. The SVN schema may serve as a starting point, but Git probably 
needs other elements for its data.

Unfortunately I haven't found a bug tracker or other web forum for this 
kind of conversation. Mailing lists are a pain to set up on my side and not 
accessible from the web. This forum seems to be the only accessible way to 
get in contact with the Git developers.

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