Good afternoon,

I have a question, as I'm new to Git and would like to understand how to do
what I need to do in the best possible way.

I'm working for a fairly large company using a commericial source control
system that has been around for a long time (ClearCase). We have a partner
company in another country who is going to work on a small project for us.
This company uses Git.

Rather than take the time to train them on ClearCase, we'd like to set
something up where I can access their Git server to import our initial
source from ClearCase to get them going. The plan moving forward would be
for me to import their changes into ClearCase and also get our local
changes into their Git repository.

I've got the source in ClearCase on my local machine, and I've installed
Git and have access to the remote server. I tried to clone an empty Git
repository to my local machine, but Git won't let me put the clone in the
same directory where the ClearCase source lives on my local machine.

How would you suggest I do this?


Rick H

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