On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 01:21:28PM -0700, rhugga wrote:
> I'm on a team of about 15 people and we are using a central server
> to store our "master" repo.
> Each user then pulls down (git clone) a copy of the master repo to
> where ever they happen to be working at the time.
> Is there an easy way for someone to "refresh" their local copy, so
> they pull down any files someone else has committed? The only way I
> can see to do this is commit and push your local changes, delete
> your local copy and pull down again using clone.

I'm doubting my understanding here because it sounds like you are
looking for `git pull` (or possibly `git fetch`), but these commands
are both prominently featured in every single tutorial I've read as
well as obviously named that you simply can't have missed them!


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