On Tuesday, April 22, 2014 3:56:08 PM UTC+2, Keoki Zee wrote:
> Turns out that Git has Easter Eggs. You can check out this one that 
> someone found on Stack Overflow, and give your own answer about it too:
> Why does git call me “clever” when I reword the last commit 
> message?<http://stackoverflow.com/questions/23215385/why-does-git-call-me-clever-when-i-reword-the-last-commit-message>

Hehe, good one. The docs say:

       -o, --only
>            Make a commit only from the paths specified on the command 
> line, disregarding any contents that have been staged so far. This is the 
> default mode of operation of git commit if any paths are given on the 
> command line, in which case this option can be omitted. If this option is 
> specified together with --amend, then no paths need to be specified, which 
> can be used to amend the last commit without committing changes that have 
> already been staged.


So it is quite a clever trick. I didn't know about it. Nice if you're 
already busy staging for the next commit, and suddenly you feel like 
rewording the previous one. I think they chose the funny wording because 
this is actually a side-effect of the intended feature, which is to commit 
changes for the given paths.

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