My Windows7 directories are as follows:

My home pointer for Git Bash is User/Me/Projects and in Git Bash, it also 
says (master)

I have a .gitconfig and a .gitignore in the Projects directory. I guess 
that .gitconfig was created by the git config --global command. That 
.gitconfig file says the core.excludesfile is   excludesfile = 
~/.gitignore   , which I hope directs git to the .gitignore file in the 
same directory.  I created that .gitignore file and populated it with 
suggestions from GitHub to ignore things like .com files and OS generated 
files, all of which are intended to be general exclusions to any project.

I have a .git file in Projects. I am hoping that is where the repository 
for newProject will have its contents. Its not clear to me how it got there.

I have a .gitignore file in newProject with some specific exclusions for 
that project.

Is this set up correctly? Are there git commands that I could use to 
confirm that exclusions work as I expect, before I commit. I dislike 
cleanup, and find git documentation to be "modest", at best. It has taken 
me many days to get this far.

Thanks for any advice or insights.

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