Hi all,
First of all thank you to all the developers, maintainers and
community at large who answers queries like this one. Please CC me as
I'm not subscribed to this google group.

I'm on debian testing. I'm using git to pull stuff from repos. My git
version is :-

$ git --version
git version 1.9.2

I'm pulling from a remote repo. And my netspeed tells me it's
downloading but my git pull is at a certain percentage. Let me share
with an actual attempt :-

/Frost_and_Flame$ git pull origin master --verbose
POST git-upload-pack (935 bytes)
remote: Counting objects: 62, done.
remote: Compressing objects: 100% (62/62), done.
Unpacking objects:  22% (14/62)

Now as can be seen, it's either stuck or is at 22% and the number will
change only when it's 23%. Now is there a way to make it show
something something like 22.10% and like that, so I can find in
real-time what is happening ?

The above is important/imperative in use-cases where bandwidth speed
is a huge issue or when you are cloning or updating from a large repo.
Think for instance, the Linux kernel.

Looking forward to an answer. If it's not feasible atm , then please
let me know where I can ask for this feature.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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