So, problem is somewhat because of a limitation in BitBucket, but I'll ask 
it here as I think someone here might have some fresh ideas on how to work 
around it. I guess it is perhaps something of a SSH question.

So I keep some dotfiles in Git repos on my personal BitBucket account. The 
SSH public key from my personal computer is entered into my private 
BitBucket account.

We also use BitBucket at work, so my work-SSH public key is entered into my 
work-Bitbucket account.

But, on my work machine, I still like to use my personal dotfiles, so I 
want to be able to access both accounts at the same time.

I know I can configure SSH to use different keys for different hosts, but 
in this case, both personal and work hosts are the same (

Another thing I tried was to use the same SSH-key for both my public and 
private BitBucket accounts, but BitBucket blocks me from re-using the same 
key on multiple accounts (this is the limitation I mentioned in the first 

As a temporary workaround, I'm accessing my private repos over HTTPS on my 
work computer, but this is annoying as I sometimes get prompted for the 
BitBucket password.

Any wild ideas on how I could possibly get both working over SSH?

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