On Tue, May 6, 2014 at 8:38 AM, Benjamin Fontaine <bmx...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks for your replies, obviously I'm a beginner coming from svn
> and I've haven't found short & efficient tutorial at this time ( in my
> opinion, my free time being very rare )
> Things I've gotta do today :
> 1) git init -bare in /home/git
> 2) Add /home/www files "*.php" does not seem to include recursive one ( btw
> these are "remote files", will this work ? )

Just like in SVN you can only add files that are physically located in
a work area.  If you try you will get the error "fatal: /path/to/file:
'/path/to/file' is outside repository".

Regarding adding stuff recursively you have to keep in mind that
globbing (e.g. '*.php') is performed by the shell in unix/msys so read
the documentation for your shell on how to do that (in my shell, ZSH,
I'd have to write '**/*.c').

> 3) Clone on my localhost, checkout, commit, push
> 4) Home to "Post-commit" like svn ? Making each push on bare repo pushing
> files onto real destination ?

Item 4 here sounds a bit interesting, I bet you'll end up coming back
to the list for that ;)  Make sure to explain in more detail what it
is you are trying to achieve if you do.


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