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  I'm currently using git to update my production server.  I have a copy of the 
source on my local hard drive, and i use "git add/commit/push ...." to make 
push my changes to the prod server.  A pretty standard setup, I think.

  I'd like to set up a dev environment of my site on my local drive.  

  My plan is to use git clone to make a copy of my local git dir to my 
wampserver directory.  

  So ....
  - my prod git is - c:\git
  - my dev git is - c:\wamp\www\dev

  Will these copies interfere with each other?  I *think* not.  
You can have as many repos as you like, each can be a remote repo for the 
others if appropriate.

  I use git via command line - so I'm thinking that whichever git is being used 
is the one who's directory I'm in.  But not sure ...



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