On Tue, May 06, 2014 at 02:59:45PM -0700, Jeremy Belolo wrote:
> Hello all !
> I started using git 1 year ago. At the beginning I tried to work
> with it on my local env on windows, and I would push the changes to
> the dev server when ready. But I came across countless issues.

What git issues did you come across?

> So I tried something else. Using Virtualbox to create a virtual
> Ubuntu that I used to work. I was able to access files and edit them
> on Windows, and the versionning was great.
> But the connectivity gave me headaches. Plus, there is a big
> downside, the site I was working on used Paypal IPN, which calls an
> arbitrary script on your server to send results of transactions.
> Unable to reach my local PC, or the VM, this side of things was very
> difficult to test. No need to say this was a huge problem.
> So I moved on and created a subdomain. There already was mysite.com
> and dev.mysite.com on the server. I added jer.mysite.com for me,
> dan.mysite.com for another dev, ext.mysite.com for external services
> working with us, and so on... Then cloned dev.mysite.com in every
> one of those.
> This works nice. Everyone got his own environnment on the server
> directly, every external scripts such as Paypal's or Facebook's
> works without any issue. We worked like this for many months now.
> What I'm not very satisfied about, is the concept. Working like this
> forces to use the main server, the production server, directly for
> development purpose. Not only it could be a real problem if your
> team grows to include 20, 30 developers, but it also cause
> unnecessary server load. A dev testing a consuming script could
> really slow down the production site... Which is not acceptable.
> So, what would you guys recommend ?

I am confused.  Probably I just don't understand you, but it does
sound like the choice of VCS is completely unrelated to your headaches
with connectivity.  The issue at hand is that in order to test your
code Paypal IPN performs a callback, and therefore needs to be able to
reach the machine you are running the tests on, i.e. your dev machine
has to be exposed to the internet in order for the tests to pass.  No?


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