Hello again Thomas,

Well I confirm that a single backslash is needed. I can make this config 
work on a server.
But if I try from my PC on the same network, I get the error.
Symantec protection maybe?

Le jeudi 8 mai 2014 13:08:19 UTC+2, Thomas Ferris Nicolaisen a écrit :
> On Thursday, May 8, 2014 12:55:46 PM UTC+2, Christophe Destombes wrote:
>> Hello
>> I am desperately trying to clone a repository through our company 
>> firewall...
>> My git set up is correct:
>> http://DOMAIN\login:passw...@proxy.company.com:8080 
> Please share your configuration properly, just pasting a value doesn't 
> tell us much. Do git config -l and paste the output here after 
> anonymizing company urls.
> Looking at this example: http://stackoverflow.com/a/14750116/266875 - it 
> seems you are missing a backslash after the domain part, if this is at all 
> your configured global http.proxy value.

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