Hello list

We had in our svn repo, the following structure:


These projects have been later bundled together into one trunk, something 


We would like to move this project to git.  git-svn does not follow svn 
move/copy, so I created out of each directory with trunk/tags/branch 
structure a git-svn repository. It is possible to to find the latest 
commits in the old heirarchy and the first commit in the new structure, and 
create a graft point with one child and several parents, but this does not 
help, as its not possible to tell that svn/project1/subproject1 is the 
parent of svn/mainproject/trunk/project1/subproject1/

Is it possible to build this relation, for example using git branch-filter 
--tree-filter? lets say the last commit in svn/project1/subproject1 is x, 
while this project was moved under 
svn/mainproject/trunk/project1/subproject1/ in commit y, how can I build 
this relation?


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