Thanks Philip, Magnus, Sam. There's no question that I have an outlier problem. 
But others must have similar, for
instance master video files.

 I need both remote archiving/retrieval and version control. FYI we are 
archiving compressed Linux disk images for VMs
and hypervisors. We are hardware-software makers and manufacturing blasts the 
disk images directly onto SSD drives. The
rest of the repo is a varied mix of far smaller binaries and text files.

running on a fast desktop it can take thousands of seconds to perform a status 
or commit, completely pegging one or more

On 05/15/2014 12:06 PM, Philip Oakley wrote:
> From: "John Fisher" <>
>> I assert based on one piece of evidence ( a post from a facebook dev) that I 
>> now have the worlds biggest and slowest git
>> repository, ...
> At the moment some of the developers are looking to speed up some of the code 
> on very large repos, though I think they
> are looking at code repos, rather than large file repos. They were looking 
> for large repos to test some of the code
> upon ;-)
> I've copied the Git list should they want to make any suggestions.
> -- 
> Philip

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