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> Hi,
> Can someone explain me the bare repository functioning ?
> i mean i understood the big picture...that it is used if several
> people work together in the same company or on the same floor and
> may change the same file.... where other CVS use locks, Git use Bare
> repository.

I don't think you can say that "locks" compare to a "bare repo".  A
bare repo is just the same as the .git of a "normal" clone.  Nothing
more, nothing less.

> but what i do not understand is if only 1 person manage the bare
> repository (setting access right to this repository) on local disk,
> how can he prevent other people to modify, stage and push changes to
> it ?

I probably don't understand your question, because I think you answer
it yourself.  If a person is designated the keeper of the bare repo
she/he can of course use the file system permission system to limit
access to the repo.  She/he can also use hooks to further control

Remember a bare repo is just a folder, nothing more.

Then you can layer a full-blown git server solution, like gitolite,
gitosis, etc on top of your bare repo.  Then you get a lot more dials
and controls to play with.

> Moreover, the bare repository is not for only 1 file... :(
> I would like to understand the mechanism. How people can pull/push
> (having non bare clone) to it, and the person managing the bare
> repository will manage the pushes/pulls to define what is going or
> not ?
> i'm lost with it.

I get the feeling that this is an instance of the so-called XY
problem.  It would probably help us helping you if you start with
stating what problem were trying to solve when you cam upon the
concept of bare repos.


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