I suspect there is an easy way to do this, because every git commit is
an object that references a tree object that contains a complete
source tree. I just want to take the tree that is at the head of
branch SRC, and make a new commit at the head of branch DST that refs
the same tree... but I don't know how to do this.

I'm look for a clever way of doing something like the below, that
won't have to make me worry about git cleaning, and extra files
leaking in, etc.:

git co src
git archive -o /tmp/src.tar HEAD
git co dst
git rm .
tar -xf /tmp/src.tar
git add .
git ci

Basically, I have a src branch that won't contain any build products,
but I also need to git push
a branch that does have build products to a PaaS. So, I'll be
continuously overwriting the head of a deploy branch with the state of
the development branch, then rebuilding the minmized js, etc, so it
can be pushed to a PaaS.



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