I'm starting to use git. I need it to manage a website.
Up to now, on my server (linux, debian based) I configured a bare 
repository (/opt/git/project.git/).
I added a post-update hook, in order to checkout automatically to 
/var/www/website.ext/public_html/ and all it works fine.
Now I would like to improve developing process.
I would like to have some environments (and related virtual host), 
"developing", "testing" and "production" and manage properly all deployment 
on each environemnt based on needed.
I mean, I would like to create a file, for e.g. index.php, the first step 
will be to push on developing environment (accessible through a 
virtualhost: /var/www/dev.website.ext/public_html). then when it's ready 
move it on testing environment (accessible through a 
virtualhost: var/www/testing.website.ext/publich_html) and at the end of 
the process deploy on production (/var/www/website.ext/public_html/). Each 
environment should be managed with git.
But my question is, which is the best approach? Have I to create 3 
different repositories (one for each environment with hook set)? Or can I 
manage this with a single repository?
I'm looking in the net with google, but up to now I'm not found anything 
about this scenario, or maybe I'm searching with wrong keyword, I don't 
Please, may you help me?

Many thanks

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