This should be screamingly easy, in fact, I know I have done this before - 
but I forget how. 

I do remember that I had a hard time with it before.  :-(

I have created a file on my C:\ drive. Let us call it 
c:\mydir\helloworld.cmd . 

I have a Z: drive mapped with lots of drive space and write privs. This 
drive is accessible to the millions of programmer-slaves under my command. 

I wish to use z: as a repository for all my code, and for all my 
programmer-slaves code. 

I wish to add my helloworld.cmd file to that repository. 

How do I do this? 

I know how to use 'git init' to create a repo on C:, and how to use 'git 
add', 'git commit', and 'git push'. But I don't know how to tell 'git push' 
to use Z: as a target, and I don't know what I have to do to prepare z:\ to 
receive the files. 

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