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> This is really bizarre - never seen it before & am running out of
> ideas to try.  I'm running git-bash (1.9.2) on a Windows 7 box and
> can't even get "git version" or "git --version" to reliably work.
> 1) Sometimes it works fine.
> 2) Sometimes it dumps out the version, but then sits there and hangs.
> 3) Sometimes it doesn't print out anything & just hangs.
> In both cases 2 & 3, I have to go into task manager and end process
> on any git.exe's I find to get back to a prompt.  I would much
> appreciate anyone's ideas for troubleshooting this!

Which git is this, git for windows (msysgit) or cygwin's git?

What else do you have running on the box?  Try turning off as many
services as possible and whether that makes any difference.  Then turn
them back on again one at a time.

That's all I can think of at the moment.


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