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  Subject: [git-users] Should I clone the whole repo if I want to edit one file 

  I have a repo on bit bucket. It contains files related to my thesis. If I 
want to edit one of the LaTeX files from the repo, do I have to clone the 
entire repo if I am working on another computer? My repo is more than 1.5 GB in 


You do ned to clone most of your repo. The one limit you can use is the 
'shallow' clone, which is now fully working as long as you have the latest 

The proviso on 'shallow' is that it counts the number of commits back from each 
branch tip, so if one branch has only a few commits from long ago, then you 
will also get those.

I haven't checked what version BitBucket is on and how well it supports shallow 
clone, but it's worth trying. 

The easiest trick is to find a fast connection for that first clone! After that 
the updates will be reasonably quick even on a slower line.


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