> From: HOWARD ROSENBLOOM <hrsn...@gmail.com>
> We are a small company that has not been using any form of 
> configuration/tracking in the past. We have 2-3 programmers and have gotten 
> into the situation where we need to get control of any work being done. 
> Since none of us have any experience in this area I am looking for 
> suggestions as to whether GIT is right for what we are looking for, or is 
> there a better/more appropriate solution. 

I've used both Git and Subversion.  If you're a small operation, and
you've not used version control before, and if you do not need the
distributed development facilities of Git, I believe that you'll find
Subversion easier to learn and use.  The drawback of Subversion is
that you need to have a server that is accessible by each worker for
all check-ins and check-outs.


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