On Thursday, June 12, 2014 8:41:43 AM UTC+2, chetna chaudhari wrote:
> Hi,
>      Anyone who has tried Jgit's InMemoryRepository . Want to know how 
> much it helps in performance ? I can say it improves disk performance, but 
> don't have any idea about how it affects memory?   Any insights please. 

Note that this is a transient repository. As soon as the Java process stops 
or crashes, all the data is gone. Not really anything you want to use for 
production. I think it's probably intended for running JGit and other 
unit-tests that depend on having a dummy repository available.

The speed comes at cost of memory usage. I guess the physical size of the 
repository will eat from your computers physical memory. So a 2 GB large 
repository will reserve 2 GB of memory.


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