gitweb has a nice little feature where you can display a README.html file 
on the project summary page. Combined with a simple post-receive hook to 
generate this file from markdown in the repository, you get a 
very nice github like documentation setup with gitweb. I'm using with this 
the gitweb distributed with git 2.0.0.
The problem is that gitweb wants to display this README at the top of the 
summary page. This is really bad if the README is large because you have to 
scroll through the entire document just to start interacting with the 
Fixing this was simple enough, just go into git_summary() and move the 
README code to the end. I did this in my installation, but I think this 
probably should be the default. I don't know why anyone would want the 
readme at the top unless they are using it for a kind of very short summary 
(i.e a more descriptive description).
Or even better, allow the user to specify a list of summary elements in 
gitweb.conf to customize the ordering (and presense) entirely.
Does anyone disagree?

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