On Monday, June 23, 2014 2:43:15 AM UTC+2, Martin Duys wrote:
> I installed the GitHub desktop app on Windows 7 but was unable to clone a 
> repository. 
> I then tried to clone the repository from the command line and received 
> the following error:
> <https://lh5.googleusercontent.com/-Ims4VUS4UHg/U6d2J1cONmI/AAAAAAAANJc/_5MA7MmNGFU/s1600/GIt_error.png>
> I uninstalled GIT 1.7.4 and installed GIT 1.9.4, but this made no 
> difference
> I did a bit of research and digging around and found that I had an entry 
> in my PATH file that referred to an instance of Tortoise Git that I 
> installed a long time ago, but have never really used.
> I completely unistalled everything that had anything to do with GIT on my 
> machine and then reinstalled GIT 1.9.4.
> I am receiving the same error.
> I am now completely stumped as to what to do next or what could be wrong.

Can you paste your PATH? (do echo %PATH% in command line) I'm not sure if 
uninstalling something will clean up the PATH entries..

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