Noobie here

I am using Git on an ubuntu box, but I am working with Window's files on a 
Samba network server.
I have all kinds for problems with case.  The files I'm handling I have to 
treat as binary and the software sometimes arbitrarily changes the file 
name's case (old software, long story).
I have Git ignoring case (but evidently not correctly) and it gets confused 
as to when a file is deleted or just renamed.  I have to be very careful 
that files get added to the branch as renamed and not deleted.
Bottom line is I messed up, changed a file in a branch, then got it deleted 
(either by rm or by committing as deleted not sure).  
I have found previous versions of the file "git log -- filename",  but I 
can't seem to find a version that is the one I want.

So,  if I rm deleted it while making changes in a branch, then committed 
are the changes gone?

2.) I've tried a few methods of setting case ignore and maybe the issue is 
I've got too many things going on.  Is there an ideal way to make git 
ignore case everywhere I am working with this repository?

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