On Thursday, 26 June 2014 09:23:39 UTC+2, chunnu wrote:
> Hi,
> I m new to git repository, with a star team back ground. In my project I 
> have something called sub modules. I understand that these are a single 
> repository in the git used by 5 different projects. 
> But I m very confused about "updating the submodule references". What does 
> this exactly mean? Please note my role is not a developer but need to 
> understand this from a developer perspective as well. 
> Can any one please explain?

This would require more context for a proper answer. Although, I can 
imagine it is about what happens when you update your submodules. Say your 
submodule "foo" changed upstream. If you'd want to get those changes in 
your submodule "foo", you'd have to go to the directory where it's stored 
and run *git-pull* or *git-fetch/git-merge* to update it. Once done, you'll 
notice with a simple *git-status* that the main repository (the one 
containing "foo") knows that "foo" has changed, and your working dir is now 
in a "dirty" state. You'd need to commit this update in the main repository 
so that it knows what commit "foo" is supposed to be checkout to.

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