I experienced issues displaying colors on my Mac (with the standard Git 
installation). For me, the issue was the pager. On my machine, the LESS 
environment variable had been set to -X (check this with "env | grep LESS").

I had to set my LESS environment variable to -XR, using:

export LESS=-XR

-R allows "raw" control characters to displayed, which enable colors. 

I set this in my .bash_profile.

Another way to eliminate the pager is to run a Git command with the 
--no-pager switch. Try:

% git --no-pager log -10

Do you see colors? If so, then the LESS environment variable may be 
solution. Good luck!

Rick Umali /
On Saturday, June 28, 2014 3:33:16 AM UTC-4, Martin H. Andersen wrote:
> I have installed git 2.0 with Homebrew an changed my $PATH in the 
> .bash_profile to: export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH so that I don't work 
> with the build in apple git version.
> This is the git command that should work: *git config --global color.ui 
> true *But nothing happens
> I have tried all the color settings in the terminal without any effect.
> Is this a git 2.0 problem or just "something"?

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