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> I am working with a private organisation and want to use a revision
> control software to keep back-up for all our projects in a
> distributed configuration. As my company is a private, so I have to
> keep all projects as highly confidential. 
> Can I download and use GIT open source for this purpose. Or do I have
> to buy GIT to keep my projects confidential. I need a revision
> control system to run in 10 to 15 work station. There is no need of
> any web base sharing.  

Git is a free software so yes, you can freely download it and use it
for any purpose.

Note that Git is not for backing up projects.  While it certainly can
be used as a versioned storage for files, its primary intent is to be
a *sharp* tool for software development.  Please note that these days
using a version control tool for software development is no less an
integral part of a developer's workflow as an IDE/text editor for
editing the actual code.  What I'm leading you to, is that you should
probably not consider using a [D]VCS system as a means to provide
backups but rather as a means to power your development process up.
*And backups should be taken and maintained using backup software.*
I mean, if you intend to keep your repositories somewhere (on
developers' machines or elsewhere) *do* back these repositories up and
regularly take these backups "off-site" (in more down-to-earth
language: physically move them out of your office).

The last point to consider -- and please try to take no offence on this
one, -- given that you failed to google for the Git's terms of usage,
I'm afraid Git might be too complicated for your efforts, so you have
to understand up front, that as with most free software, "when it
breaks, you'll have to hold both pieces", that is, when something goes
wrong the only support channels available to you will be
volunteer-driven resources like mailing lists, StackOverflow etc.
So you might consider thinking about certain hands-holding when it's
needed and buy a commercial product with a support contract.

On the other hand, with Git or any other free VCS you will be out of
vendor lock-in -- with repository formats accessible for years to
come, realistic escape plans of transitioning to other VC systems etc.
And lots and lots and lots of information available on the net as well
as a thriving community.

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