I'm hardly an expert, but what I see for the description of the 9:11
commit (5f5345a) is "Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com...";.
First question is, What is the full name of that commit?  Second
question is, does the full URL in that commit make sense in the
context of your work?

I'd guess that the Pull that you did merged your working copy with all
those commits from github, and the Push sent it to your master.  Are
you sure that the connections from your working copy to the master are
set up correctly?  And it git-pull the command you really want?

Do you have some sort of log that shows exactly what Git commands you

I expect that you can reset the HEAD and contents of your working copy
to the parent of 7f78507, re-apply your changes for that commit, and
re-execute the Pull and cause the problem to happen again.  Then look
at the commit history of your working copy.  Heh -- do this in a copy
of your working copy, not the live one.


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