I have a git project in which all files are of about 700 MB size.
In the .git folder lies a "pack" file which is 1.13 GB (Gigabyte)

I accidently commited files and folders, which don't have to be under 
version control.

How do i remove let's say a "concept_art" folder from all commits (i have 
about 50 commits by now) and from the pack file?

I tried many things now. e.g:
- http://dound.com/2009/04/git-forever-remove-files-or-folders-from-history/
- http://rtyley.github.io/bfg-repo-cleaner/
- filter-branch with "rm"
- git gc with prune=now and aggresive

and the thing i thought which must really work:

None of the above work as expected or better: None work like i need it to 
Some delete all commits (the most do that), some don't delete the files 
from all commits, all(!) don't make the "pack" file smaller after deleting 
all files and folders i don't want.

What i need is:
- Exclude files and folders from my repo
- Delete all references to theses files and folders from all commits
- But don't delete any old commit
- Rewrite the pack file, so that not any of the excluded files and folders 
are in it

What is the way to achieve that?

Thanks for any help and best regards. 

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