I have created a project folder that has various word/text files, 
excel/.xml files, and presentations in my local system. I have intialized, 
staged and committed all the files of the folder in GIT. As an exercise, to 
get familiarised with GIT, I have modified one of the word document, staged 
and committed successfully. It got saved as a new version.
Now, if I try to retrieve back the original word document, what should I 
do? I am able view the document in GIT file viewer, but unable to open the 
.docx file.
Is there any provision to download the older file link from GIT older 
I am having one more querry, the GIT will show the difference between 
previous and current word/text document. But its not doing the same for 
excel/.xls file.
Please, try to answer me in this regard.  

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