I'm an active contributor to other open source projects, but I'm just 
starting to engage the Git community. So if this isn't the best place to do 
this, please redirect me. I appreciate the guidance!

I'd like to see the addition of a `git remote prune --all` command option, 
or something similar. I work on a medium-sized team where I interact with a 
lot of remotes. `git fetch --all` gets everybody's new branches for me, but 
if I want to prune deleted ones I have to do something like `for REMOTE in 
`git remote`; do git remote prune $REMOTE; done;`. Not quite as friendly. 
I've created the below bash alias for myself, but a built-in command would 
be so much nicer.

alias git-remote-prune-all='for REMOTE in `git remote`; do echo "Pruning 
$REMOTE"; git remote prune $REMOTE; done;'

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