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"seonguk.baek" <baekseon...@gmail.com> wrote:

> I want to create bare git project without tags using clone.
> But there is no option like "--no-tags".
> Is there any way to clone without tags like below?
> $ git clone {path}/test.git --no-tags --mirror 

That would have no sense: to mirror means to mirror, that is, have
everything the source has.

But you can do the required stuff by hand:

1) Initialize a bare repo:

    mkdir foo
    cd foo
    git init --bare

2) Add your remote and configure the proper refspec for it:

    git remote add origin <REPO_URL>
    git config remote.origin.fetch +refs/heads/*:refs/heads/*
    git config remote.origin.tagopt --no-tags

   (Note that if you're calling this interactively in a POSIX-compliant
   shell, you might need to enclose the refspec in single quotes or
   escape each asterisk with a single backslash--to prevent the
   shell from trying to glob-expand them.)

3) Get the data:

    git remote update origin

If you want tags to be omitted just on the very first fetch, then omit
setting the remote.<remote>.tagopt variable and use the

    git fetch --no-tags

for fetching the data instead.  Note that the next fetch without
"--no-tags" will fetch the auto-fetchable tags unless you set the
remote.<remote>.tagopt configuration option before that.

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