i apologize for creating topic which is here probably 100 times already, 
but although i spent so much time on researching this i still dont 
understand how to properly roll back to old commit.

>From what i understand there are 3 options. Hard reset, revert and 
checkout. The hard reset seems put me correctly back to desired commit, but 
then there is problem pushing it, if i pull i get again the latest commit, 
which i dont want, because i rolled back to older commit. So my 
understanding was that when i use hard reset, it would change the history 
and everything and would be changed on server and not localy, but i guess 
it gets changed only localy ? So solution for that was to do "git push 
origin master -f"  to force the push, but although i can then push it this 
way, still other people on the project cant get the rolled back state. Does 
it mean everyone on the project has to roll back as well ?

The checkout is a bit confusing to me, because from what i understand its 
more for exploring the older commit rather than using it. Not sure about 

Anyway, what i basicly need is just to be able to roll back to old commit 
and make sure when i do that everyone else on the project who will pull 
will get that rolled back state of the project. Because when i do the hard 
reset now with force push, if they pull it will say already up to date and 
when they push, they push the latest state of the project, which is several 
commits after the one i want to roll back to ( basicly they put it back to 
the original state before rolling back ).

Sorry if this topic has been here already too many times, but i just have 
realy hard time understanding this. I am quite new to the git so any 
explanation and help is greatly appreciated.


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