From: Gergely Polonkai 
  Sent: Sunday, August 03, 2014 2:09 PM
  Subject: [git-users] Merge+rebase diverged branches


  I have two branches, master and table, both went through some changes and 
have their respective tracking brances:

  M1! - M2! - M3!
     \-T1! - T2! - T3 - T4

  commits marked with ! are pushed upstream. I'd like to merge master into 
table, and rebase my local commits (T3 and T4) on top of the result. How can I 
do that? I was thinking about "saving" T4 as a tmp branch, resetting table to 
origin/table, but here I lost my track, as I don't know how to apply those 
local commits on my new merge commit.

  Thanks in advance!

I'd start a new new branch at T2! (git checkout -b), then do the merge with 
master (M3!), and then do a rebase of Table (T3-T4) onto the new tip.

However I'm not quite sure how that would fit with your upstream workflow - it 
depends on how they want to see the intermediate merges (i.e. should master 
appear to be a first or second parent in the merge record?)

Similarly you can rename the various branches to make them all look good (i.e. 
get the right 'names'. ).

The main difference between my approach and yours is that I add extra branches 
at the mid points while you were reseting to those points (which would be error 
prone for me ;-)

Don't forget to use Gitk (visualisation) and Git Gui (sneak ammending, etc) and 
any other useful tool to do things by the back door!


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