On Thursday, August 7, 2014 7:31:51 PM UTC+2, Ben Ruppel wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm very new to git.  I just created a new repository in a directory with 
> existing code with Git Gui 1.9.4 in windows.  All of the files that were in 
> the directory appear to be listed in "Unstaged Changes" in the upper left.  
> I'm not sure how to proceed.  Should I commit them?  I did set git up to 
> use Windows end of line for checkouts and then to check back in with Unix 
> style end of line, which is desired as this code is eventually heading out 
> to a linux system.  
> Can anyone explain what is going on with the files in the "unstaged 
> changes" box?

This is normal. Git is just telling you that there are a bunch of files in 
the current directory that haven't been added to the Git repository yet. 
You would see the same unstaged changes if you run `git status` on the 
command line.

After initializing a repository, you have to explicitly tell Git which 
files are to be version controlled. Doing so is a two-phase operation. You 
first stage, or add, which files you want to track, and then you commit the 
first revision, typically with a commit message like "Initial commit".


git add src (adds everything in the directory src/)
git add README (adds the single file)
git add :/ (adds absolutely everything)


git commit -m "Initial commit"

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