> From: Vaibhav Chauhan <vaibhav....@gmail.com>
> I am trying to clone a git repo when running git clone command when run as 
> www-data, an apache user, it fails with* "**git clone -v 
> ssh://git.***.com/home/repo/qa/morrison-test/common.git 
> /tmp/tempGit_1408125949.48' returned exit status 128: ssh: Could not 
> resolve hostname git.blurdev.com: Name or service not known."*. As a matter 
> of fact when I am running the same python script locally I am able to clone 
> it flawlessly.
> Can someone take a look at the question at 
> http://stackoverflow.com/questions/25317557/python-script-fails-to-git-clone-when-run-with-php

One thing to do is create a PHP page that just executes the 'git
clone' command.  That simplifies the situation by eliminating the
Python program around it.

Another is to have a page output all of the permission information.
On my system (Fedora 19), the plain "id" command shows all the uid/gid
information, as well as the SELinux context.

Then you can get on the server in question, su to the right account,
execute the commands to set up *exactly* the same permission state,
and execute the 'git clone' manually.

Another approach is to run Wireshark on the server and watch the
connection to git.*.com fail.  Although I'm not sure what you need to
do to be able to see what's going on inside the SSH connection.
(Perhaps there is a way to set the account's ~/.ssh/config options to
force it to use the null cipher?


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