On Monday, August 18, 2014 9:31:23 AM UTC+2, fabian....@gmail.com wrote:
> 1. Have I got everything right in my analysis above? Am I missing anything 
> important, any problems I should expect?
> 2. Would you recommend setting core.bigFileThreshold, pack.packSizeLimit 
> or other options to non-default values proactively on all clients, or 
> should I rather postpone this until (if ever) we're experiencing problems? 
> If I don't set these values proactively, is there a chance that the Git 
> repository could be ruined?
> -- What is a good value for core.bigFileThreshold, given my concrete 
> binary files of 10 to 400 MB, some of which have up to 17 revisions?
> -- What is a good value for pack.packSizeLimit? Git for Windows defaults 
> it to 2g, is there any reason not to leave it at that?
> 3. Since pack.packSizeLimit does not affect the packs created for pulling 
> and pushing - what problems can I expect there? How could I tackle them?
> 4. "git repack -afd" and "git gc" currently fail with an out of memory 
> error on the migrated repository [1][2]. Should I worry about this?
> -- I can make "git repack -afd" work by passing "--window-memory 750m" to 
> the command. After that, git gc works fine again) Again, is setting 
> pack.windowMemory to 750m something I should do proactively?

I think you should bring this to the Git development mailing list, as the 
technical depth is a bit beyond what we usually discuss on this list.

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