When on Windows I install an msys2[1] system with git and vim.  I
generally don't have many issues with line endings, but there is one
recurring irritating issue: diff markers at merge conflicts.

The files I work on are all using DOS line endings, but the diff
markers are inserted using Unix line endings.  This means that when I
open the conflicted file in vim it treats the whole file as a Unix
file and the first thing I have to do is remove all the '^M' markings
and then remember to switch file format from Unix to DOS.

I've searched but found no information.  I would have guessed that
others had run into the same thing, complained online, and then solved
it, but I've found nothing!  So what obvious thing have I missed in
setting up git on Windows/msys?


[1]: http://sourceforge.net/projects/msys2/

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