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> Version control novice here. Read through git docs, watched videos
> on git.  One of the advantages being talked about is the ability to
> have entire project repository on user workstation. In my company
> there is major effort going on to make user workstation as thin
> clients where it has much less software than it used to. So if we
> are already accessing stuff via network(vpn), what advantage is
> having distributed version control. Also our thin client images

AFAIU it's not distributed in the sense you think.  Each user will
have their own copy, and have full control over that copy.  How that
copy is accessed, i.e. whether it's on a local disk or on a file share
somewhere, is completely besides the point.

I hope you using version control already.  In that case you most
likely check out a "work area" where you do you work.  When you are
done with a work item you commit it, and your changes go back to a
central server where all your colleagues can find it.

It's not unusual to organise the use of git in a similar fashion.  You
then get a few valuable advantages:

1. Each developer has a copy of the entire repo at her/his fingertips
   -> isolation from network issues, higher speed when working with
2. Possibility to do work following best practices in regard to
   version control, but without the need to expose work until it's
   "ready" -> commit changes in logical units, create local branches,

> sometimes gets lost and they restore from last back up if possible.
> I loose file on c drive all the time. Would that mean I have to put
> git repository on network drive? So am nervous advocating use of
> distributed VC where repositories end up on unstable workstations.
> Please help me understand so I can turn my team git as well. Thanks

Where do you put your work area now?  On C:?  How do you protect
anything valuable on C: from being lost now?

You can follow the same practices with git too.


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