From: guru prasad 
  Sent: Sunday, August 24, 2014 12:53 PM
  Subject: [git-users] git on user workstations? is that good?

  Version control novice here. Read through git docs, watched videos on git. 
One of the advantages being talked about is the ability to have entire project 
repository on user workstation. 

  In my company there is major effort going on to make user workstation as thin 
clients where it has much less software than it used to. 

You have my sympathy. It sound like a disaster waiting to happen (from a 
developer perspective)
  So if we are already accessing stuff via network(vpn), what advantage is 
having distributed version control. 

Essentially you will get no/little advantage, because you won't actually have a 
distributed local copy.

That said, if your vpn "drive" is reliable enough you can still gain some 
advantages, as long as you have a large enough allocation of storage.. (though 
if they are going for thin clienets I expect you won't get much network share!)
  Also our thin client images sometimes gets lost and they restore from last 
back up if possible. I loose file on c drive all the time. 

Being able to 'commit' (save) your work into your personal repo would be an 
advantage, and give you a 
  Would that mean I have to put git repository on network drive? 

Almost certainly, if there is no security (reliability) within the workstation. 
Don't forget each developer has a personal copy of the repository, so expect 
hassle from management. 

They should create a personal partition on the local hard drive. That would be 
a appropriate solution that allows your *data* to be stored reliably between 
workstation *software* crashes.
  So am nervous advocating use of distributed VC where repositories end up on 
unstable workstations. Please help me understand so I can turn my team git as 
well. Thanks

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