On Tue, 26 Aug 2014 16:24:28 -0400
wor...@alum.mit.edu (Dale R. Worley) wrote:

> I've got a Git repository that I use to log updates to system files.
> Not things in /var that change every day, but configuration files in
> /etc, binaries in /usr, etc.  Of course, the repository is large, 9 or
> 10 GB now.
> I've just discovered that setting core.bigFileThreshold = 10k speeds
> up garbage collection and repacking tremendously, like from 9 hours to
> 1/2 hour.  This works well in this situation, because files that are
> larger than 10k are almost all binaries, and don't benefit from delta
> compression.  And it turns out that delta compression takes a lot of
> time if you have a lot of data.

The thread ensued after re-posting to the MsysGit mailing list of a mail
recently posted here is interesting in this regard [1] as it discusses
various options affecting packing and delta compression.

1. https://groups.google.com/d/topic/msysgit/ckdNSu_-w2w/discussion

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