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> There is a way to configure my git-scm to be case sensitive ?
> I can use cygwin git, but I'd like to use tortoiseGit based on
> git-scm. Then I would like to have the same behaviour.

There's no such thing as "git-scm": "Git" is this particular SCM system
and its official native Windows port is called "Git for Windows"
(and this is what TortoiseGit is using).

As to the problem at hand: try messing with the core.ignorecase
Git configuration variable [1].

Note that NTFS (the file system used by default in Windows) is
case *preserving* but case insensitive.  That is, if you're creating a
file named "bLAh", it will be stored exactly as "bLAh" but you won't be
able to create an entry named "BlaH" in the same directory, and
searching for "BlaH" will find "bLAh".
What I'm leading you to, is that, IMO, trying to fight this behaviour
relied upon by so many pieces of software is counter-productive except
for very special and isolated cases.
So I'd rather fix the project you're working on to have portable
filenames (say, all_lowercase or ConsistentlyCamelCased etc).

1. https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git-config.html

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