I would like to use Git while working on my website. Here's how it looks in 
my case:

- I have a dedicated server
- I have a website domain.com
- I have a copy of this website at test.domain.com, I'm testing my changes 
at this test url. If everything is ok i send changed files to domain.com
- I work on my local laptop

It's very time consuming and the biggest problem is when I made changes and 
after couple of days I need to return to previous version of the file. I 
need to have version control software.

I want to work with my website on my laptop, after saving files (or 
automatically during) they should be push to the test.domain.com and if 
everything would work OK I would copy file to domain.com.

I don't understand how you should work with Git? Well I do but I think it's 
not right. Ok you make some changes to file (or someone else) and it's push 
to domain.com ? what if you made mistake in code and domain.com will crash? 
there have to be something in the middle, before user of your website will 
see your changes, right?

Best regards,

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