I'm studying the migration from our old Version Manager, Team Coherence 
<http://www.teamcoherence.com/>, to Git.

One of the features we use in that system are "file links":
Imagine a repo with this file structure:
- MyRepo1
  - Folder1
    - *FileA*
    - FileB
  - Folder2
    - *FileA*
    - FileC

I want FileA from both Folder1 and Folder2 to be synchronized.

I've seen Submodules <http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Tools-Submodules> and 
SubTrees <http://git-scm.com/book/en/Git-Tools-Subtree-Merging> seem to be 
the ways Git addresses this situation. But, as far as I understand these 
features, they are thought to synchronize a complete Folder/Repo but not 
for individual files.

Then, the way to go would be having another repo (Repo2) with only FileA 
and use Submodules/Subtrees to access it from both Folder1 and Folder2 in 

Is that the only/best way to go? Note this a simplified example. In our 
repos we have plenty of files linked in different folders.

Thanks in advance!

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