On Monday, September 15, 2014 4:22:39 AM UTC+2, Rick Umali wrote:
> On Sunday, September 14, 2014 5:04:18 AM UTC-4, André Hänsel wrote:
>> I ran git merge to merge a branch. There were some conflicted files. 
>> Although they were automatically resolved by git rerere, I still had to add 
>> them. I accidentally ran "git add ." instead of "git add -u". I noticed my 
>> mistake and ran "git merge --abort" to start over. To my dismay all my 
>> untracked files are gone! Any way to get them back?
> The "git add ." should have created Git objects for these untracked files. 
> When you did the "git merge --abort", you reset the working directory, 
> deleting those files, but the Git objects should still be hanging around. 
> At least this is what I observed trying to reproduce your issue. 
> If you felt like plumbing the depths of the .git/object  directory, try to 
> sort the files in that directory in reverse chronological order. The most 
> recent files are probably the files that were deleted. You can confirm this 
> by using the git show command. 

Indeed there they are, thank you. :)

I'd consider it a bug that they were deleted in the first place.

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