I'm sure this is a dumb question from a beginner.... 
One product, one master (I guess). How is the best way to set up branches  
I want to basically have 3 versions going concurrently:

   1. STABLE version which our implementation team can safely install on 
   client machines
   2. QA version for our QA team to work on
   3. DEV version which will become the next QA

Here are some of the things I need to be able to do. 

   - When a QA version has gone thru testing and is deemed stable. It 
   needs to become the STABLE version. Similarly the DEV will move to QA 
   - From time to time, I may want to take a feature (a few programs) from 
   DEV and move them to QA alone.
   - From time to time we will find a bug in QA and (hopefully less often) 
   in STABLE. I need to be able to correct just that and compile and test it. 
   I need to return to the QA environment/version for that purpose. In other 
   words, to correct something in the QA (or even STABLE) branch, without 
   sucking my new development into the mix. And then to return confidently to 
   my DEV version.
   - When I make a fix to the STABLE version, that correction needs to be 
   in the QA version and DEV versions as well. I don't know if this is a 
   manual or automated process, but I least I need to be able to track it 
   easily. Similarly QA fixes need to move into DEV

So what is the best way to set up and manage the branches? Is the a book or 
online article someone wants to recommend?
Also, how do I take a program or two in one branch and move it to another?
TIA. --- Tom 

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